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Visitor PicInternational Visiting Scholars and Students are an important part of the academic life in the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. The visiting scholars listed below have come to Oklahoma State University from around the world to collaborate on teaching, research and extension programs in agriculture.

A visiting scholar or student in DASNR is assigned an academic mentor. Visiting Scholars are usually in residence from six weeks to 24 months. During that time they are expected to collaborate on research projects and/or participate in curriculum development or extension programming, contribute to the programs of the DASNR faculty member with whom they are collaborating, give invited lectures or seminars, and exchange expertise with members of the OSU faculty and other visiting scholars. Visiting scholars also are encouraged to reference their experience at Oklahoma State University in scholarly publications and to develop long-term linkages between their home institutions and DASNR. The more independent and proactive a visiting scholar is, the more likely they are to have a positive experience. 

To apply to be a visiting scholar, please submit the following required information: a proposal describing your interests in teaching, research or extension; a résumé or curriculum vitae, and evidence of funding to cover the complete costs of the visiting scholar experience. The following optional information will help to support your application: a letter of recommendation from your home institution, and information on any prior relationships you may have developed with OSU faculty. The minimum requirement for health insurance from the U.S. Department of State is $50,000 for major medical coverage, $7,500 for repatriation of remains, and $10,000 for medical evaluation; if you provide health insurance to meet these requirements upon arrival, purchase of university issued insurance is not required. Please send completed applications directly to the DASNR faculty member with whom you would like to collaborate with a copy to

For interested students who have not yet obtained a bachelor's degree, the J-1 Exchange Visitor regulations created a "student intern" subcategory. This category allows international students currently enrolled and pursuing a degree outside of the United States to participate in student internship programs for up to 12 months. For admission applications and information, visit the J-1 Internship Program website


 "The International Visiting Scholars & Students program is meant to foster greater interest in international academic collaboration."

DASNR International Visiting Scholars & Students

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