Study Abroad Experiences

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- Photos provided by Jake Gankofskie

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- Photos provided by Peter Cohen

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- Photos (left and center) provided by Jeff Sallee and (right) Tory Dwyer

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- Photos Provided by Ricki Schroeder 


Check out Brianna Gandolfo's Ireland experience in the form of pictures!

Brianna Gandolfo, Ireland 

"The place I felt the most powerful connection to is Amantani Island. I loved that place; the people, the culture, the landscape, the peacefulness, the simplicity, the stars, the view of the Milky Way, the sunsets, the music, the dancing, and of course, Lake Titicaca... its beauty is without words and it changed my heart and soul." 

- Gabbee Lofton, Peru 

Getting the chance to study abroad is one of the greatest opportunities that you will have in your college career. There is no comparison to immersing yourself in a new society and learning about a culture first hand. It wasn't only knowledge and new friends I took away from my study abroad experience, it was the self-confidence and pride I gained while navigating a foreign country that stands out the most."

 - Jake Gankofskie, Central Europe


"Studying abroad is more than just seeing famous and pretty cities. It allows students to travel where they find history, excitement and, at times, themselves. Travelling through the University draws students closer together by going through once-in-a-lifetime experiences. If there was any advice I could give students it would be to GO. Explore the world you live in because then you’ll realize what a small part of it we actually are."

 - Kristal Williams, Central Europe


"Studying internationally was one of the best decisions that anyone could make. Being from Oklahoma, there are times I forget there is so much out there to see in the world. It was my first time in Europe, and I immediately knew that traveling abroad was something I would enjoy forever. Going with Oklahoma State staff and students creates the best atmosphere to learn and to explore. I am very thankful for this opportunity and would highly recommend for everyone to look into going before their time is up at OSU."

- Jimmy Hutson, Greece and Italy


"When I came to OSU I knew I wanted to participate in a study abroad course. This led me to go on the Czech Republic study abroad trip.  It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made during my time at OSU.  While studying abroad, I was able to meet new friends from around the world, visit six different countries, and make memories filled with different cultural experiences. I loved it so much that I stayed in Europe and traveled on my own for an extra two weeks. Being involved in agriculture intertwines us with more places around the world than one can possible believe. As time goes on, the industry is becoming more and more globalized increasing the importance of its leaders to become more aware of other cultures. I believe that study abroad can be a most rewarding way of accomplishing this."

 - Peter Cohen, Central Europe

“Culture. Diversity. Adventure. Personal Growth. There is nothing quite like being on your own in a foreign country. I went on this trip because I wanted to see first-hand the place where my family is from and because I knew I would probably never get the chance to have this kind of experience at such a small cost. Not only did I discover a new part of the world and an entirely different culture on this trip, I also discovered new side to myself, a side filled with curiosity, empathy for persons different than myself, and a bold, chase-your-dreams attitude. After this trip, I firmly believe that all students should study abroad at least once during college. Not only will it be the trip of a lifetime, but you will make lifelong friends, grow personally, and show future employers you have the curiosity and educational acumen to be a leader in your industry.”

- Tory Dwyer, Central Europe


“People think of study abroad as a chance to see new places, but I think along with finding adventure you find yourself. After visiting Ecuador, I realized how alike different cultures are even though we tend to focus on the differences. The families there had so much love for life and the basic things that we sometimes forget in our fast-paced world. If you have ever had a desire to see a new country, it would be a big loss to not travel with OSU. By going with such a respected university, you will get opportunities that are once in a lifetime. I gained a new respect for our world and what it will take to protect the endangered places within it. I gained a new love for people. I also found myself. I was swimming in the Galapagos around sharks and turtles, and I was just in another world! Time stood still and I was mesmerized by what surrounded me. I think we all need those kind of “ah-ha” moments where you experience how incredibly beautiful this world is!”

- Sara Honegger, Ecuador and Galapagos Islands

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